Say hello to the leadership team at Church of Elohim

Meet our leadership

Say hello to the leadership team at Church of Elohim. Got questions for the lead team at Elohim? Contact us by clicking here.

"DJ" Derrick Knox, Jr. - Lead Pastor

Pastor DJ is a follower of Christ, family oriented, upfront leader, problem solving thinker, entrepreneur, and progressive agent of action who serves as the founding Lead Pastor of Church of Elohim, a Word living ministry of outreach, discipleship, and the community.

"This is your new beginning!" - Pastor DJ

Nikkeya Knox - Leading Lady

Lady Nikkeya has a passion to see all youth living at their fullest God-given potential, she has organized quarterly women's and youth events. The Lord has blessed her to lead a premier women's outreach program, which was birthed to encourage women from all walks of life in Christ.

"Your weakest moment is built to be your greatest moment!" - Lady Nikkeya

Linda Gardner - Administrative Pastor

Pastor Linda has a heart for ministry to Singles and finds joy in being obedient to God's call on her life, being a mother and a Nana, and she is most grateful to God for Who He is, and for what He has done.

"Be about it!" - Pastor Linda

Darren Dillard - Discipleship Pastor

Pastor Darren is a husband (Casharie Dillard) and father who serves the kingdom and makes every effort to utilize his time, talents, and treasure wisely.

"If we constantly see someone else's faults we are not spending enough time looking in the mirror." - Pastor Darren

Yanice Jackson - Minister

Minister Yanice is a social justice advocate, who believes this work goes hand in hand with ministry. Making and implementing wise decisions for self, community, and family, her stumbling blocks became her biggest attributes as she continues to learn from experience. In her free time Yanice likes to write, sing, and spend time outdoors with family.

“Because of our ability to deceive ourselves into believing lies—we must remain accountable not only to God, but to others in the body of Christ including those who are wise.” - Min. Yanice